We provide various services from the design and construction of electrical /air conditioning/sanitary facilities, and electrical/instrumentation facilities related to general & explosion proof plants and special ancillary facilities.

■ Electrical Work

We provide various electrical facilities from the transformers that provide the electrical power needed by industrial society, lighting/outlet facilities that are part of our daily life, and anti-disaster facilities that save lives, through to advanced telecommunication facilities.

  • Incoming and Transforming
  • Sub-stations
  • Lighting / Outlet
  • Automatic Fire Alarm
  • Telephone/LAN
  • Broadcast
  • Lightning Rod

■ Air Conditioning/Sanitary Work

It is very important to maintain comfortable living spaces. We provide comfortable living spaces by integrating various functions such as air conditioning, water supply and drainage, and sanitation.

  • Air Conditioners
  • Ventilation
  • Water Supply and Drainage
  • Sanitary Fixtures

■ Plant Electrical/Instrumentation Work

This technology is one of our specialties acquired over many years of practical experiences. We fully control the tasks as turn-key from project proposals, equipment selection, through to the on-site work and commissioning.

  • Selection and Procurement of Various Instrumentation Equipments
  • General & Explosion Proof Site Work

■ Other Special Facilities

  • Compressed Air
  • Cooling Water
  • Various Gas
  • Fire Hydrant, Sprinkler


Our service ensures customers receive consistent and reliable systems through each step of engineering (E), material procurement (P), construction (C) and maintenance (M) according to the basic design concept from customers having production/conveyer lines and the various plant facilities.
We also design and make various environments for improving working environments, such as Dust Collector, Deodorants Equipment, and Waste Water Treatment Facilities.

  • Production/Conveyer Lines
  • Small Plants
  • Heat and Cool/Exhaust Heat Recovery
  • Dust Collector
  • Deodorants Equipment
  • Waste Water Treatment


It is not possible to ensure high quality program control based only on the customer’s description of the requirements, as it is important to understand how the plant functions and the work flows. We propose systems that comply with the customer’s requirements based on the mutually agreed basic design concept.

  • System Design with PLC, Touch Panel
  • Design & Make Control Panels
  • Commissioning support on-site


ELMO TECH provides various services to Japanese companies who consider starting up their business in Thailand.
We provide supports for starting up their business in Thailand from company registration to investigation of location.

The weather in Thailand is hot all year round, and there could well be other environmental risks in the future also. Our Company provides support as a joint venture (JV) partner to share the risks with our business partners. We can support strategic establishment and operation of JV smoothly with our know-how.